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About Barbara Ginty


Barbara started her career on Wall Street working for Bloomberg and Credit Suisse in equity derivative algo sales. She found that she was helping friends and friends of friends with personal finance in her free time. Helping others gain confidence in personal finance became a passion so she underwent a career shift to focus on personal finance full time.

Barbara received her CFP certification from NYU and now owns a financial firm with two locations. Her firm caters to clients from all financial backgrounds and ages. Between Barbara’s time on Wall Street and her time working with individuals, she has the experience to provide a high level of expertise to her clients. Recently, she was ranked in the top 10% of female advisors for her broker-dealer in the country! 

In addition to one-on-one client meetings, she teaches in-person classes and has taught over 1,000 students to date. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the classes, she is now providing financial literacy classes and content online to reach more students with the aim to bolster their confidence in personal finance. Check out more on Planancial's podcast, Future Rich, and hear helpful tips for how to improve your financial situation. Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Barbara was a finalist to pitch Planancial, to MSNBC’s cohost of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski, in her Know Your Value ( event in New York City on October 30th, 2017.  As one of three finalists she pitched her business to Brzezinski and a panel of star-studded entrepreneurs and celebrities including Martha Stewart, Bobbi Brown, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Anderson and Joe Scarborough. Through her work with top-notch leaders and executive coach Liz Bentley (, Barbara was reaffirmed at the need for personal finance education and her ability to meet that need.

Planancial is the vehicle to empower individuals to add value to their lives, work towards smart financial decisions, and learn how to make their money work for them.

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